MamaBlogger365: The 4 P’s for Success by Jennifer Covello

It’s the New Year. Many of you have made, and possibly already broken, your resolutions. We start out with great intention to make changes in our lives, but then somehow lose interest or motivation. Life takes over, schedules change, and we forget about the goals we had for the year.

Why? Why is it that we start out with such fervor and fire only to have it squelched in a few weeks? I’ll tell you why. It’s called uninformed optimism.

What? What’s that? I can’t claim authorship of this term actually. I heard it for the first time from Jane Pollak during her webinar series for women small business owners. She explained that uninformed optimism is basically how many new entrepreneurs start out. They all have the passion and motivation to begin their business but know very little about how to make it successful. Very few stick it out and see their businesses thrive. I actually believe this applies to any change we want to make – whether it is to lose ten pounds or to begin a new routine, or even to parent differently.

How do we fix this? Easy.

I have developed the “4 P’s for Success” that are guaranteed to turn any inspired idea into a true success. Begin implementing these today, and I can assure you that by year’s end, you’ll be a different person.

Step 1: Passion

Yes – a ridiculously overused term these days but you have to have it in order to get started. It’s that spark of an idea – that glimpse of what or who you want to be – that little voice that says, “It’s time for a change.”

Perhaps you sat down on New Year’s, like my children and I did, and came up with your 2013 goals. When you took the time to think about what you’d like to accomplish or become, you were filled with an excitement to get started. Maybe you already implemented some of the things you wrote down, like join a gym, or hire a nutritionist or a business coach. Some of you who are over-scheduled looked at your calendars to see how you could eliminate unnecessary activities to give you more time with your family.

Whatever your goals, you felt a pang of motivation to do them or you wouldn’t have written them down. If you didn’t feel this, then perhaps it’s the wrong goal for you. I’d ask you to re-evaluate.

So – the first step to get started on your path to success? Find your motivation and passion.

Step 2: Plan

We all know the saying “Fail to plan. Plan to fail.” We cannot accomplish anything unless we have a roadmap of how to do so. Think about it. You plan your child’s birthday party. You plan a wedding. You plan a project at work. Otherwise your actions are willy-nilly. Or worse, you simply float along “wishing” for the goal to materialize but do nothing to make it happen.

Like you, I “wish” I could lose ten pounds but wishing doesn’t get me into my favorite pair of jeans. It takes a plan. It takes thought and sometimes it takes help from others.

Take some time to develop a plan of action to help you accomplish your goal. Baby steps each day will get you started and as you see more and more success you will be motivated (translation – rekindle that passion in Step 1) to continue.

Step 3: Press

What? No, not ironing or bench-pressing, but similar. If we want to realize our goals and dreams, we can’t give up when the going gets tough. We must press on when we don’t feel like it, when “life” takes over, or when we don’t we don’t see the results we want.

It’s hard to grab that salad for lunch when the scale didn’t move that morning.That juicy cheeseburger calls us. BUT… that’s when we need to press even further because you never know if that huge breakthrough is right around the corner. What if tomorrow morning, the scale was down 2 pounds?

You would never have seen that result, had you succumbed to the temptations of the unhealthy lunch.

This is when you need to call in the reinforcements. Having a bad day or struggling? Call a friend. Pick up an inspirational book. Take that little black dress out of the closet and visualize the fun night out you’re going to have when you can wear it.

Step 4: Party

Speaking of fun – let’s party! Celebrate your success – celebrate your accomplishments and be proud. This does not mean sabotaging yourself. Many of us, me included, once I reach a goal, either gloss over it or worse, check it off the list and then go back to the way things were.

Don’t do this!

We all have slip-ups and make mistakes. No biggie. Pick yourself up and try again. But don’t forget to enjoy your success. We are built for happiness and joy. Think about a newborn baby – how happy are they? (ok – maybe not ALL the time, but…) Don’t keep your joy all to yourself either. Share it with friends and family so they may be inspired by your success as well and may even be motivated to make their own changes. Don’t hide your joy!

So –there you have it. My 4 P’s to Success. Passion. Plan. Press. Party.

Now – go get ‘em!

Contact Information:
Jennifer Covello
“The Purposeful Parent
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Jennifer Covello is The Purposeful Parent, an award-winning author, blogger, motivational speaker, and creator of Frittabello baby gifts. With her unique perspective on parenting coupled with her sense of humor and vast experience, Jennifer is able to relate to a variety of women and the daily challenges they face as a mom and business owner.

Jennifer has been featured on both radio and TV programs for her insights about her journey from corporate “cubicle dweller” to “mompreneur” providing helpful tips and inspiration to moms and dads alike. Most recently she was on Better Connecticut Weekend Edition where she provided tips on overcoming SuperMom Syndrome.

Jennifer is a native of Long Island, New York and had a corporate career in IT and Marketing. She holds a B.S. degree in Management Information Systems from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Marketing Management from Pace University, New York.



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