MamaBlogger365: Flying the Friendly Skies by Mary Rekosh

With friends like this, who needs enemies? Mary Rekosh on flying (or sitting on the tarmac waiting for the flying to start) the friendly skies.

MamaBlogger365 – Response to Newtown Tragedy by Shira Adler, Diva Mama

“I am struggling just a bit to understand where I fit as a spiritual being having, once again, a painful, human experience. Maybe that’s the point. Perhaps this insanity is meant to create a more compassionate sanity in the world. After all, is there a greater catalyst for transformation, change and healing than pain?”

MamaBlogger365 – Preserving and Regaining Health After Pregnancy with Exercise by Katie Moore

Today, Katie Moore share tips and information for those of us working on getting back in shape after having kids (no matter how old they might be now!)…

MamaBlogger365 – Limbo by Julie Ann Cook

Julie Ann Cook’s poetry series at Mamazina concludes with “Limbo” – for MamaBlogger365 for the Museum of Motherhood.

MamaBlogger365 – Sisterhood by Julie Ann Cook

Julie Ann Cook shares another poem as part of her special series for MamaBlogger365, a project to benefit the Museum of Motherhood.

MamaBlogger365 – In the Quiet by Julie Ann Cook

Julie Ann Cook’s poetry series continues with “In the Quiet” – for MamaBlogger365 to benefit the Museum of Motherhood.

MamaBlogger365 – Sustaining by Julie Ann Cook

Poet Julie Ann Cook kicks off a 4-week poetry series for MamaBlogger365, here with Mamazina – this week, “Sustaining”.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified.

My youngest child is soon turning three years old, and there’s nothing like a birthday to make you think back to the actual day of birth. We all have our birth stories and most of us love to share them. I, however, can only share half of mine. A scheduled c-section, I remember shaking laying … Continue reading

I’m Rockin’ But It’s Not What I Was Hoping For

People always tell me ‘I rock’ but this wasn’t what I had in mind. Meniere’s disease generally involves severe vertigo (spinning), imbalance and nausea. There is a large amount of variability in the duration of symptoms. Some people experience brief “shocks”, and others have constant unsteadiness. Studies have shown that Meniere’s affects about 200 out of 100,000 people (or in other words, 2/1000). This is roughly the same prevalence as multiple sclerosis (MS). The majority of people with Meniere’s disease are over 40 years of age, with equal distribution between males and females.

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