MamaBlogger365 – Birthing A Baby In 1938, From Birth Stories On Demand

I was completely alone, not knowing a damn thing about what to do with myself. or a new baby. I had NEVER even been around a newborn. I didn’t sleep, I wasn’t sure I was doing anything right. I felt frightened, isolated, fat, and soggy. I was miserable. What I needed was historical wisdom provided by the previous generations of women in my family. Today, Kelli Stapleton sends us ‘Theta’s Birth Of Joanne’ from Birth Stories On Demand, an active resource and archive for women’s shared stories of birth and more. Kelli is the founder of BSOD and podcast host each week. She’s also an author and public speaker. M.O.M. is proud to partner with Kelli to bring you some of these birth perspectives bi-monthly and also to feature Kelli as a special guest on MingleMediaTV’s Mamapalooza show, with Joy Rose, Media Mom™. Watch her tonight at 7PM along with Jodi Nelson – 21st Century Feminist and Aqua Cherry playing LIVE in the studio.

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