MamaBlogger365 – Not Tonight, Honey: I Have A…Baby (How Parenthood Affects Your Sex Life) by Mary Rekosh

What sex life? I’m exhausted and there’s a toddler in my bed. The End. Obviously I’m kidding (mostly)…

MamaBlogger365 – Think, Work, Visit, Connect: this week at M.O.M.

This week at MOM: Ina May Gaskin, Meet the Experts, Cocoon Time, Music in My Language for kids, the play “BIRTH”, moms co-op workspace, and more!

MamaBlogger365 – The Value of a Woman on International Women’s Day by Joy Rose

Joy Rose on the value of mothers and their work on International Women’s Day, and announces a new initiative to fight human trafficking with the International Justice Mission: MamaBlogger365 to raise awareness of the Museum of Motherhood.

MamaBlogger365 – Surviving Marriage: On the Way to an Old Married Couple by Veronica Hosking

Veronica Hosking on the secret life of this wife… MamaBlogger365 for the Museum of Motherhood, coordinated by Mamapalooza.

MamaBlogger365 – Meet Our M.O.M.!

Have you heard? The Museum of Motherhood is OPEN! But what are we up to? Lectures and exhibits and programming and performances and so much more!

MamaBlogger365 – The Art of Giving Birth by Aiya Art

Aiya Art’s on-going art exhibit continues with “The Art of Giving Birth” – MamaBlogger365 for the Museum of Motherhood, with the cooperation of Mamapalooza.

MamaBlogger365 – Growing up in a Mother’s Eye by Veronica Hosking

Motherhood through a poet’s eyes — Mamazina’s Veronica Hosking for MamaBlogger365 with Mamapalooza, for the Museum of Motherhood.

MamaBlogger365 – The Case For A More Peaceful Society by Joy Rose

Of all the problems on the planet, one of the most preventable is violence against women. VAW has nothing to do with building green, nothing to do with access to clean water or good medicine, and even tsunamis are beyond influencing human on human aggression. Violence against women is something that affects us all and … Continue reading

MamaBlogger365 – No Mercy by *Dr Mama* Amber Kinser

Motherhood is relentless. It just keeps going and going and going. Incessantly. And on some days, that’s a lovely thing. Like days when I’ve been so sucked dry by the demands at work, or the intensity of maintaining partner relationships, or the callous and inexorable neediness of home ownership (don’t make me bring up our … Continue reading

My Mary

My paternal grandmother passed away last spring…I have been participating in National Novel Writing Month, and thinking of her often. This is what I read at her funeral: When I was thirteen years old I took a sick day from school. Tired of wallowing in my parents’ king-sized bed in front Duran Duran videos, I … Continue reading

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