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Joy Rose, Founder and Publisher, is the President and Founder of MAMAPALOOZA™Inc, Festivals and Media, which promotes mothers for social, cultural and economic benefit. MAMAPALOOZA is a grassroots movement teaching women how to support and empower themselves in meaningful ways by amplifying their voices and impacting their children, families and communities. A mother of four, Joy is dedicated to redefining modern motherhood. She is also the founder and lead singer of the band, Housewives On Prozac and acting Executive Director and Founder of The Museum Of Motherhood for which she is passionately dedicated to capturing the voices of Feminist Mothers of the 21st century. She is a regular contributor to The Mom Egg, an award winning lyricist and has been published at Women’s Media Center, First Wives World and hosts a weekly TV Show at MingleMediaTV each Wed. at 7PM (EST). E-Mail:


Jacki Kane, Editor-in-Chief, is an award-winning writer, stand-up comedian, and founder of a parent comedy show called TIME OUT: The mother of all comedy shows. She recently published a memoir called Sass Mouth: Destiny is a Joke. Jacki has also been published in Metro Parent Magazine, The Oregonian and Rough Copy online magazine. She and her husband Brian live in Portland, Oregon, with their 5-year-old daughter, 8-year-old son and a herd of dust bunnies. E-Mail:

Karrie McAllister, Graphic Design, and Regular Columnist, has dabbled in everything from coal mining to culinary classes. She and her family live in Northeast Ohio where conversations in the grocery store and pierogis are as common as Amish buggies. Her column, Small Town Soup, appears in local newspapers and she is published on a variety of Web sites. Read more at her blog, Mom, Writer, Dirt-lover at E-Mail:

Veronica Hosking, Poetry Editor, is a stay at home mom, which works out well for her writing career. Her two daughters are a great inspiration for her writing. She wrote a creative nonfiction story, “Carousel,” about her oldest daughter’s love of horses. The story was printed in the anthology, Forget Me Knots from the Front Porch (Obadiah Press 2003). In the year 2005, she saw her second print publication – “In a Tree” was published in the anthology, Cosmic Brownies (Sun-rising Poetry Press). Her poem, “Morning Accolade” was published in Whispers of Inspiration (Sun Piper Press) later that same year. E-Mail:

Loren Christie, Writer’s Resources and Illustrations Editor, and Regular Columnist, ,is a former high school English teacher who held her breath and leaped out of a career into the role of full-time mom to three children, ages 6, 4 and 2. Writing is one of her passions. For about two years, Loren pulled off a job as a freelance feature writer for The Long Island Advance newspaper by dressing her toddler in a fedora and wheeling him to interviews, introducing him as her “Junior Editor.” She is also the part-time director of a Youth Ministry program. Loren contributes to Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine as a Writer’s Resource Editor, regular columnist and blogger. Her “circus” is housed on the South Shore of Long Island in New York. Read more from Loren on the Web at E-Mail:


Amy Andrews, Ad Sales & Logistical Coordinator. Amy is a vital part of Mamazina Magazine and Mamapalooza Inc. She is responsible for much of the day to day coordination of web-work, communication and logistics on multiple fronts of our multi-faceted corporation. Amy is a writer, editor and has overseen the MamaBlogger365 initiative in 2001, focused on ‘reframing motherhood’ and raising awareness and funds for the Museum Of Motherhood. Amy lives in Albany, NY with her children and husband. E-Mail:



MAMAPALOOZA – Music, Biz, & Events

Mamapalooza Blog is the place to get information out about new music projects, upcoming events and women in business.

Reporters, contributors and blog feeds:

  • Monday – Shira Adler on Women In Business, Diva Courage
  • Tuesday – Kim Jennings and Jax Resto on New Music Musings
  • Wednesday – Calendar Listing & Events
  • Saturday – Calendar Listing & Events
  • Monthly – video from the Ukulele Cowboy Society

M.O.M. Museum Blog

History, Health, Activism & Academe and The Cultural Family


  • Thursday – Amber Kinser
  • Friday – Kimberly Dark, Florina Catalina Florescu, Ph.D., Joan Friedman, Ph.D., Patti Ashley, Ph.D., Michelle Friedman and others.
  • Regularly – Student Researchers

Mamazina Mag Blog

Literary Submissions, Poetry, Photos and Family Stories (Contests)

WEEKLY EACH Sunday, with content from:

  • Mom Egg; Thin Threads, Stacy Battat; Birth Stories On Demand; Jennifer Flaten, Loren Christie, Veronica Hosking, Elizabeth Miller, Karrie McAllister, Jennifer Covello, Mary Rekosh, Diane Lang

Special Acknowledgements

Paula Schmitt, In 2005 Paula Schmitt founded Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine to honor and celebrate the challenges, joys and triumphs mothers face, by making their stories visible through print. MWLM highlighted established authors, and new, breakthrough female writers by providing a creative forum through which they could communicate with moms everywhere. She turned over the reigns of MWLM to Joy Rose in 2009, and ‘Mamazina’ was born. Her insight, values and hard work continue to be acknowledged as the publication moves forward in new and exciting ways.

Special Guest Contributors:

Lindsay Maines, Cover Editor, is a writer and consultant. Her print works appeared in The Washington Post and Brain,Child Magazine. Shes also in the process of selling her first non-fiction book, Rock and Roll Mamas, about moms keeping their identity post- baby. Its a topic near and dear, as her husband plays bass for a rock band that tours internationally six- nine months of the year. Lindsay is a native DC Metro area, and teaches at the Bethesda Writers Center. She blogs regularly at her own site,,, and her foodie site, Shes theJust For Fun editor of (A division of Lifetime Digital.), and is a contributor at Shes thrilled to be the Cover Editor at Mamazina!

Judy Davids, Cover Editor, Art Design, was 42 when she picked up a guitar for the first time and conspired with the neighborhood moms to form an all-mom rock band. Within weeks, The Mydols were born. Did they have a clue what they were doing? Nope. But from that point on, it was full steam ahead and never mind the laundry. Davids is the author of Rock Star Mommy: My Life as a Rocker Mom (Citadel Press 2008), which chronicles her journey from soccer mom to rocker mom, to the CEO of PostEgram.

Isabella Bannerman, Mom-Made Comics. Isabella Bannerman has been involved with Mamapalooza since 2003. Her comics have appeared in Mamapalooza affiliated publications through the years, she is a King Features comic and also appears in regular columns at SixChix E-Mail:

Special Thanks:

We wish Susan Newton, Co-Publisher Spring and Fall 2010 the best in everything. She’s a real rockin’ mama with a unique twist on how to have a great party and she’s an awesome business-woman. Thanks for your support Susan! Susan is leading expert and has been the go-to guru for all things baby shower, bridal shower and bachelorette party for more than a decade. Today, as “The Shower Diva,” she creates memorable events for celebrities and appears at trade shows and in the media to teach consumers how to throw upscale showers. Susan founded BadaBadaBingo Fun Games Co! LLC, ( a Mom-owned and family-operated business dedicated to the original design, manufacturing and marketing of trendy and upscale party games and favors. She is also the creator of ( and DivaDarlings.NET (www.DivaDarlings.NET), websites designed to help hostesses throw fun, elegant baby showers, bridal showers and bachelorette parties. E-Mail:

Thank You Kris Underwood,  Columnist ‘Mama Writes’ all the best of luck in her future projects and appreciate all her input into the transitioning Mamazina Magazine. She has written for MotherVerse Blog, Moms Speak Up (an environmentally conscious blog), The Green Mom Review (reviewing green products) and The Imperfect Parent. Kris has also been published at Literary Mama,, Poetry Midwest and MotherVerse.  Visit her personal blog, Writing in the Mountains, at E-Mail:

Kathy Schlaeger, Reviews Editor, lives with her husband and three daughters near Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is a freelance writer for the “Life and Leisure” section of her local paper, so no one has told her ” no comment” yet.  She also writes for “All about Kids”, “Cincinnati Woman” and other publications.  People are surprised to find out that she will always turn down chocolate for her favorite candy, Sweedish fish.  She has a passion for entering all types of contests.  She has won “Annie” tickets, a grill and several other prizesE-Mail:

Jackie Papandrew, Profiles Editor and Regular Columnist, airs out her rather soiled sense of humor about everything under the sun – from the comfort of granny panties to the agony of aging gums and sagging, er, gams. She tickles the funny bone with tales of troublesome teenagers, the trials of testosterone, and using Formula 409 as foreplay. Jackie’s writing has won awards from the Florida Magazine Association, the American Association of Business Press and the Florida Freelance Writers Association, among others. Her humor columns have appeared in a variety of publications, including the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Please visit to read additional humor columns and to sign up for a FREE email version of Airing My Dirty Laundry. You can contact Jackie at E Mail:

Claire Kreger-Boaz, Women in Business Editor, is a freelance writer, mother, wife, and social media addict who loves to play games, rescue dogs, and gab and travel with her girlfriends. Claire believes fervently in being socially conscious, fair-minded, and awesome. Above all, she is dedicated to having a positive impact on the world at large through her relationships and her work. E-Mail:

Mary McCarthy, Natural Mama Editor (NB), is a professional freelance writer with 15 years’ experience in magazine, newspaper and online features, including features in Victorian Homes magazine, The Washington Post, Baltimore Sun and Philadelphia Inquirer and others. McCarthy is a Feature Writer at and a regular contributor to She writes a popular humor blog at and you can follow her on twitter @marymac E-Mail:

On Break; Leticia Velasquez ~ Bio: Leticia Valasquez is a mother of three lovely daughters, Gabriela,16, Isabella,12, and Christina, 7, with Down Syndrome. She has written for: The National Catholic Register, Faith and Family, Celebrate Life, Canticle, National Catholic Reporter, Queen of All Hearts magazines, as well as in my diocesan newspaper, Four County Catholic. You may find also find her blogging for Mamazina and online at Catholic Online, Catholic Mom,, Catholic Exchange, Catholic Vote, and MercatorNet. Her blog is: The Cause Of Our Joy Contact:

On Break; Elizabeth Miller

Best of luck Alexis Chapman, Contributor E-Mail:



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