MamaBlogger365 – Look Ma, I’m Old(er) by *Dr. Mama*

I really loved being 16, and 25, and 34. But being older than that is much cooler than I had imagined. I feel more centered, positioned at a better vantage point that allows me to see what I couldn’t see before and to make things matter differently.

*Dr. Mama*, “Week 3 of Atonement: Time” (MamaBlogger365)

I’m writing this month about atoning for my mistakes and trying to make some changes. Last week I wrote about being invested in work in ways with which I’m not quite satisfied, and the week before about being invested in meal preparations in ways that I don’t think are wise or useful. This week I write about time.

MamaBlogger365 – Atonement by Dr. Amber Kinser

I was inappropriately invested in food and meals. I don’t mean here that I ate too much or in unhealthy ways, though I did that too, besides I explore that a little bit later in the month. What Imean is that I pretty much demand the right to not be singularly focused on meal preparations for all my family members, and this works well for me by giving myself permission to spend my time and energies in ways that nourish me. Sometimes I am personally and spiritually nourished by cooking and meals and sometimes I’m just bothered by it.

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