MamaBlogger365 – You’re not like those Moms on Oprah! By Kristi

My name is Kristi, and I’m an alcoholic. I’d been home from rehab for about a week or so when my daughter posed this question to me: “Mom, does this mean you can never have a beer again?” I responded with a firm, “Yes.” Her response, after a few seconds of thinking, “Why? You’re not like those Moms on Oprah!”…

MamaBlogger365 – Lazy Women Get Their Way? by Joy Rose

So what is a ‘normal’ part of being a woman, and should we award a special place in society for mothers to be? Why are we so ambivalent about the standing of mothers in our society? Actually, ambivalent might be a gentle term. We’re radically, schizophrenically ambivalent. Mothers grace the covers of our People Magazines, bellies bursting, toddlers in tow; African, English, American, Asian. We use our children like a badge of courage. They are our identity and we are stars in their eyes, just like Angelina Jolie is a star in our eyes. Or is she? Do we despise her like we despise the killer mother in Florida this week who shot her children at point blank range. Joy Rose writes for MamaBlogger365 at Mamazina Magazine, the Heart and Soul Of Women.

MamaBlogger365 – Who’s The Boss?! by, Peryl Manning

Who’s the boss? There are, in fact, no rules. Just lots and lots of guesses of varying quality. And ultimately, while it’s great to listen to what people have to say, and educate myself as much as I can, beyond the few basic axioms about child rearing, which pretty much boil down to love them like crazy and do your best, it’s up to me. I can consider the useful suggestions offered by others, but I make the rules. No one else does. Mama is the boss. Peryl Manning for Mamazina Magazine- The Heart And Soul Of Women!

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