MamaBlogger365 – ‘Motherhood Is’ by Jennifer Andersen

Motherhood is: A constant contradiction of wanting to be with my children so much that I do not want to leave them to work, and being so bored from playing cars that I desperately want to be in an office full of adults. Jennifer Andersen is excited to be involved with a project like MamaBlogger365. (Would you like to join us as a writer too? Read the guidelines and send your perspective(s) to M.O.M that will bring some visibility to the realities that mothers face.

Motherhood, for me, is: The moment of seeing my children, after hours (or days) of not being present, as I went through the motions of meeting only their basic needs. A flash of regret after reaching frustrations point of no return, credited to too many hours spent with only my whining, demanding children. Bloodshot eyes from a night void of sleep, and still necessarily ensuring basic health and safety for two people incapable of doing so themselves. Jennifer Andersen writes at Pondering Jane and also for the MamaBlogger365 Initiative, ‘reframing motherhood’ to raise awareness and funds for the Museum Of Motherhood. Get involved by writing us

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