MamaBlogger365 – You’re Only a Kid Once by Jennifer Covello

Recently my daughter has been struggling with some challenges with her friends. Petty disagreements, gossip, and just plain ol’ meanness have entered her tween world. Nothing new if you think about it. Kids have been mean to each other since the beginning of time. Anyone remember the story of Cain and Abel? Among all of … Continue reading

MamaBlogger365 – If You Could Only See Yourself as Your Child Sees You by Jennifer Covello

“In My Daughter’s Eyes” by Martina McBride is probably one of my favorite songs, not only because of her amazing voice, but the lyrics speak to me as few songs do. I recently heard the song again on the radio and it reminded me of an important lesson I need to keep in mind regularly … Continue reading

MamaBlogger365: The 4 P’s for Success by Jennifer Covello

It’s the New Year. Many of you have made, and possibly already broken, your resolutions. We start out with great intention to make changes in our lives, but then somehow lose interest or motivation. Life takes over, schedules change, and we forget about the goals we had for the year. Why? Why is it that … Continue reading

MamaBlogger365 – A Ride Towards Independence by Jennifer Covello

Jennifer Covello, the Purposeful Parent, considers her son’s ride toward independence: for MamaBlogger365 on Mamazina.

MamaBlogger365 – On Self-Reliance by Jennifer Covello

There is power in self-reliance says Jennifer Covello, the Purposeful Parent – for the Museum of Motherhood’s MamaBlogger365 project.

MamaBlogger365 – What My Mother’s Life Taught Me by Jennifer Covello

I recently finished reading Anna Quindlen’s book, “Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake”, a must-read for any mother in my opinion. In this “can’t put it down” book, Ms. Quindlen recounts her journey as a parent, wife, daughter, and writer. I received this book for my most recent “monumental” birthday and without question, it has given me a new perspective on my own life.

MamaBlogger365 – Beyond the Baby Journal by Jennifer Covello

Many people tell me that they have no time to keep a journal for their child. I get that. I am in their shoes and was in their shoes. I was working full-time in a demanding corporate career. I was married and had a household to run. I get it… really, I do.

MamaBlogger365 – Spring Cleaning: A Lucrative Deal for Kids of Any Age by Jennifer Covello

For many families, it’s spring cleaning time. It certainly is in my house. This time of year propels me to clean, purge, donate, and re-arrange. I make lists for each room of my house on the tasks I want to complete. Inevitably, they are sometimes more ambitious than I can accomplish, BUT… that’s why I … Continue reading

MamaBlogger365 – Tiger Mom? French Mom? How About Just “Mom”? by Jennifer Covello

Fritabello’s Jennifer Covello ponders why just mom isn’t good enough – why compare ourselves to Tiger Mom or French moms? MamaBlogger365 for the Museum of Motherhood.

MamaBlogger365 – The Demise of “SuperMom” by Jennifer Covello

Jennifer Covello’s hanging up her cape – MamaBlogger365 for the Museum of Motherhood, now open in NYC.

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