MamaBlogger365 – What does it mean to be a mother? by M.J. Kang

I remember when I was pregnant and many well-meaning friends said to me, “Get your sleep now because once the baby arrives…” I did not get enough sleep once my daughter arrived. I would stay awake watching her breathe. I loved seeing her stomach move up and down and I smiled at each breath because … Continue reading

MamaBlogger365: Why I Love Curious George by Kim Jennings

It’s not necessarily his inquisitive nature, or his mischievous way of getting into scrapes that always miraculously turn into monkey heroics. Nope. It’s the movie I’m thinking about – more importantly, the soundtrack to the movie. We’ve got the Jack Johnson mellow grove soundtrack in a CD player in my son’s room. Whenever he turns … Continue reading

MamaBlogger365 – Lazy Women Get Their Way? by Joy Rose

So what is a ‘normal’ part of being a woman, and should we award a special place in society for mothers to be? Why are we so ambivalent about the standing of mothers in our society? Actually, ambivalent might be a gentle term. We’re radically, schizophrenically ambivalent. Mothers grace the covers of our People Magazines, bellies bursting, toddlers in tow; African, English, American, Asian. We use our children like a badge of courage. They are our identity and we are stars in their eyes, just like Angelina Jolie is a star in our eyes. Or is she? Do we despise her like we despise the killer mother in Florida this week who shot her children at point blank range. Joy Rose writes for MamaBlogger365 at Mamazina Magazine, the Heart and Soul Of Women.

MamaBlogger365 – Poor Thing by Jennifer Anderson

Yes, she was the very example of why I would not let myself become a stereotypical stay at home mom. You know, those women whose conversations cannot seem to leave sleep challenges and picky eaters, or even worse, gush corny sentiments about their oh-so-adorable-daughters first steps.

MamaBlogger365 – Look Ma, I’m Old(er) by *Dr. Mama*

I really loved being 16, and 25, and 34. But being older than that is much cooler than I had imagined. I feel more centered, positioned at a better vantage point that allows me to see what I couldn’t see before and to make things matter differently.

MamaBlogger365 – Surprise! By Kimberly Dark

My friend and I – both of us queer — were having a discussion the other day about parenting. I’m not sure of the statistics, but I asserted that most people become parents somewhat by accident – or let’s make it sound less like a car-crash – they are surprised by parenthood.

MamaBlogger365 – Reframing Motherhood; IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE? by Dorothy (Sue) Laqua

I remember a book called “Our Bodies, Our Selves.” Reading it was the first time I realized I had options in raising children. I could breastfeed or not, I could choose to have children or not. I had options not available to my mother. I could use birth control, or use the Lamaze method of birth. Roe vs. Wade had won my generation the right to decide. I wonder, did all of this really change being a mother?

MamaBlogger365 – Birth Stories & Traditions re: Kelli Stapleton

Kelli Stapleton saw a need. As a scientist and researcher, she observed women’s voices were noticeably absent from the birth and labor landscape. She set out to change that. Birth Stories on Demand Presents: A weekly radio show, blog and book, found on Amazon– ‘From Woman to Mother Stories of Labor and Childbirth’, a collection of birth stories.

MamaBlogger365 – Keeping the Faith by Leticia Valasquez

I was taken aback when the ophthalmologist told me I could have a uveal melanoma in my right eye, near the optic nerve, and that removing it (which might be necessary to save my life) could destroy the vision in that eye. I was paralyzed with fear, in my bed, watching life pass before my eyes.

MamaBlogger365 – Life Attachments by Marta Calero

Last week I found myself talking to 3 different moms about not being attached to the outcome. What does this consist of? TRUST, that’s a big word. To trust from the bottom of my heart that we are doing the right thing, doing the best we can, for ourselves and our family. Trusting that lone, even if things don’t work-out, even if our feelings may end up crushed. I am learning how to trust my in-stints, go with the moment and not be attached to the outcome. There is something so beautiful about being a women, being a mom- we cuddle our cubs till death do us part. At times we give away our power of motherhood not trusting our instincts. Attachments to the outcome of our lives only set us back.

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