MamaBlogger365 – My Toddlerhood-era is over by Marta Calero

Marta Calero considers the end of the toddlerhood era in her life; MamaBlogger365 for the Museum of Motherhood, coordinated by Mamapalooza

MamaBlogger365 – Life Attachments by Marta Calero

Last week I found myself talking to 3 different moms about not being attached to the outcome. What does this consist of? TRUST, that’s a big word. To trust from the bottom of my heart that we are doing the right thing, doing the best we can, for ourselves and our family. Trusting that lone, even if things don’t work-out, even if our feelings may end up crushed. I am learning how to trust my in-stints, go with the moment and not be attached to the outcome. There is something so beautiful about being a women, being a mom- we cuddle our cubs till death do us part. At times we give away our power of motherhood not trusting our instincts. Attachments to the outcome of our lives only set us back.

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