MamaBlogger365 – On Becoming a Mother (A Letter to My Daughter) By Kate Fineske, NAMC

Your birth, becoming a mother, opened my eyes to so much, yet also opened a big book of questions – questions that I expected answers to, but soon discovered were often without any clear solutions. – Kate Fineske, National Association of Mothers Centers, for the MamaBlogger365 project to benefit the Museum of Motherhood.

MamaBlogger365 – Preserving and Regaining Health After Pregnancy with Exercise by Katie Moore

Today, Katie Moore share tips and information for those of us working on getting back in shape after having kids (no matter how old they might be now!)…

MamaBlogger365 – Reflections on Motherhood by Ellen Gerst

Ellen Gerst is today’s MamaBlogger365 with her Reflections on Motherhood!

MamaBlogger365 – The Emotional Roller Coaster Called Life by Stacey Battat, Thin Threads

Stacey Battat of Kiwi Publishing and editor-in-chief of the Thin Threads book series on the roller coaster of life.

MamaBlogger365 – Happy Birthday by Shira Adler, Diva Mama

Shira Adler’s very special birth story – for MamaBlogger365, a blogging project to benefit the Museum of Motherhood, now open in NYC.

MamaBlogger365 – Are Two Heads Better Than One? by Shira Adler, Diva Mama

Shira Adler, Diva Mama, on getting stressed out and getting perspective – MamaBlogger365, a year-long daily blogging project to benefit the Museum of Motherhood.

MamaBlogger365 – From Guatemala to Yale, a Busy Week at M.O.M. by Joy Rose

MOM founder Joy Rose shares all that’s been happening at the museum this week! MamaBlogger365 is a year-long daily blogging project to benefit the Museum of Motherhood, now open in NYC!

MamaBlogger365 – Meet Our M.O.M.!

Have you heard? The Museum of Motherhood is OPEN! But what are we up to? Lectures and exhibits and programming and performances and so much more!

MamaBlogger365: Stars Are People, Too by Shira Adler, Diva Mama

This past Sunday was Oscar night. That means for one brief shining moment it was time to forget about the kids bouncing off the walls, time to stop writing, time to drink a glass of wine and kick back. Better yet, it was time to stop worrying about medications, dosages, food allergies and more. Simply, … Continue reading

*Dr. Mama*, “Week 2 of Atonement: Work” (MamaBlogger365)

Mothers who work in paid employment generally do so because they must; I do have to earn a living. Now the conditions of that paid employment, of course, is another matter. We learn from the advocacy work of organizations like MomsRising, for example, that rights such as fair pay, maternity leave, paid sick days, and flexible work continue to elude mothers in the workplace, and this is certainly, to answer the questions posed by the MamaBlogger365 initiative, one of the most pressing issues confronting mothers today. And there are other issues. Like being allowed to cop to the fact that you’re a mother and an employee at the same time, and so have more on your plate than workplace interests or tasks. MamaBlogger365 continues with Dr. Amber Kinser.

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