MamaBlogger365 – The Secret to Sustaining Change and Preventing Relapse by Julie Donley, RN

Are you a mom making changes to your life? Regular MamaBlogger365 Julie Donley, RN on how avoid a relapse; for the Museum of Motherhood.

MamaBlogger365 – Re-framing Motherhood by Ali Smith

Photographer Ali Smith: “There are a million reasons a mom would feel anxious or angry about being a mom that have nothing to do with their children. It’s those things that need to be reframed.” Today’s MamaBlogger365 for the Museum of Motherhood.

MamaBlogger365 – Reframing Motherhood; IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE? by Dorothy (Sue) Laqua

I remember a book called “Our Bodies, Our Selves.” Reading it was the first time I realized I had options in raising children. I could breastfeed or not, I could choose to have children or not. I had options not available to my mother. I could use birth control, or use the Lamaze method of birth. Roe vs. Wade had won my generation the right to decide. I wonder, did all of this really change being a mother?

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