*Dr Mama* by Amber Kinser for MamaBlogger365 – Love Rollercoaster

When I think of parenting my kids I always hear the song “Love Rollercoaster” in the background (done first by the Ohio Players in the seventies and then more recently by Red Hot Chili Peppers). It has my mothering theme song for years. The ride is unpredictable and suddenly shifting, high highs and low lows in a very short timespan. I can neither predict nor control where we will be next. Fighting and ill-will one day, crawling up in my bed to lay a head on my shoulder the next, aloof and apathetic the day after that (“rollercoaster…of love…rollercoaster…ooh hoo hoo hoo). Dr. Amber Kinser writes as ‘Dr. Mama’ each week for the Motherhood Museum.

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