MamaBlogger365 – The Feminist Boudoir

Missed the MAMAExpo? Take a virtual tour of the feminist mother art exhibit in Joy Rose and Jo Jayson’s The Feminist Boudoir, filmed by Stephanie Schleicher; narrated by Kelly Hansen.

A Family Affair – By Joy Rose

To me this is the core of everything we do; Creating an environment for families to not only enjoy each other, but to encourage ongoing dialogue about motherhood, family dynamics, feminism, education and so much more. Passing the torch to the next generation so they see first hand the passion we bring to our individual and collective voice(s), while including them and encouraging them to participate in our endeavors exposes them to a lasting legacy of empowerment and support. Ultimately, for ourselves, and our children, our future belongs to feminist family values and a sense that ‘the family who plays together, stays together’. That is our greatest and most lasting success.

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