MamaBlogger365 – From ‘Me’ to ‘We’ and ‘Feminist Theories Of Motherhood’ by Jocelyn Stitt

I came to theory desperate, wanting to comprehend—to grasp what was happening around me. I’ve also sought out feminist theories of motherhood after I had my first child. My new social role as a mother completely floored me. I went from being a “me” to being a “we.” In future posts I’ll write about some of the theories that were helpful, like learning about the huge economic costs of becoming a mother in Ann Crittenden’s The Price of Motherhood. Jocelyn Stitt writes for the Motherhood Museum and Mamazina Magazine as part of the MamaBlogger365 series. She’s also part of the planning committee for the MOM Conference in NYC this May, as part of the Mamapalooza Festival and MAMA Expo, gathering of feminists, activists, mothers and laypeople who are interested in Mother Studies and more.

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