MamaBlogger365 – My National Work and Family Month Flashback by Kristin Maschka

Kristin Maschka, best-selling author and a consultant in organization development and change leadership, shares a blog post on work-life balance with MamaBlogger365, a year-long daily blogging project to support the Museum of Motherhood and coordinated by Mamapalooza.

MamaBlogger365 – Doing the Best We Can by Kim Jennings

Kim Jennings is doing the best she can. MamaBlogger365, a year-long project coordinated by Mamapalooza to support the Museum of Motherhood, NOW OPEN in NYC!

MamaBlogger365 – Back to School with Diane Lang

Diane Lang returns to MamaBlogger365 with more tips for making the most of the new school year with your kids! MamaBlogger365 is a daily blogging project that’s coordinated by Mamapalooza to support the Museum of Motherhood, now OPEN in NYC!

MamaBlogger365 – Seeing Red (For Women) by Diane Lang w/editorial by Joy Rose

Part of the task of reframing motherhood requires taking ‘the self’ into account. It’s the ‘M’ in (m)other, that ends up being the little slice of ‘Me’ time we all not only crave but require. Today, Diane Lang shares some of her ‘how to’ ideas’ when it comes to finding that all important encouragement to remember our basic needs must be met, before we can meet anyone else’s. It’s that work/life balance, passion and personal growth that we must continue to nurture, even when it seems like the day is long and time is short. Sometime it can even be a matter of life and death.

MamaBlogger365 – A Firm Resolve by Diane Lang

It’s already the end of January, and just 29 days ago we were thinking to ourselves: I want to start this year off right. This will be the year: I lose weight, start exercising, eat better, reconnect with old friends, get a new job, etc. These are all great goals but often new resolutions become forgotten expectations, and we ignore the fact that perseverance is the most important ingredient when making lasting positive change in our lives. Mamazina Magazine is the heart and soul of women. Diane Lang is a licensed therapist and life coach.

*Dr. Mama*, “Week 2 of Atonement: Work” (MamaBlogger365)

Mothers who work in paid employment generally do so because they must; I do have to earn a living. Now the conditions of that paid employment, of course, is another matter. We learn from the advocacy work of organizations like MomsRising, for example, that rights such as fair pay, maternity leave, paid sick days, and flexible work continue to elude mothers in the workplace, and this is certainly, to answer the questions posed by the MamaBlogger365 initiative, one of the most pressing issues confronting mothers today. And there are other issues. Like being allowed to cop to the fact that you’re a mother and an employee at the same time, and so have more on your plate than workplace interests or tasks. MamaBlogger365 continues with Dr. Amber Kinser.

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