Mamazina Magazine is the ‘Heart & Soul Of Women’; Sharing mother’s perspectives in print and online.

Mamapalooza, Inc., Joy Rose, Media Mom™ and Team focus on Women-Empowered, Mom-Branded, Entertainment, Education, Business & Activism. Mamapalooza is a steady supplier of varied and exciting programs that have led to innovative activities positively impacting families, amplifying the voices of women and revolutionizing marketing to moms, respecting them as trend setters and women of influence.

A mom-owned and operated multimedia organization, Mamapalooza has successfully pioneered a new culture of mama-artistry and empowerment. Events, media, print, workshops, festivals, publications, CDs, membership, and blogs connect and entertain through grass-roots programs that support (m)others and more while creating ongoing platforms for women that elevate and inspire. Mamapalooza’s ongoing mission is to create authentic large-scale experiences that put feminist family values front and center while reaching millions.

Our non-profit partner, Motherhood Foundation Inc. funds and informs the Museum Of Motherhood, the first and only facility of it’s kind, honoring the legacy of mothers and families, past, present and future.


Although we are not able to pay contributors (at this time) we DO pay for certain things:

Accepted submissions to Thin Threads

Ad Sales 10%

Editorial Work


*We WAVE the FEE to SUBMIT for THIN THREADS for all active MAMAZINA Contributors (See guidelines)

All Regular Contributors will receive FREE GOLD GUITAR MEMBERSHIP (value $75.00) at MamaMember, entitling them to Mamazina Subscription (free magazines mailed to your doorstep) and regular MamaFeature publicity with an information you want to forward us about your activities, books, press releases, appearances, etc.



AT LEAST ONE MONTHLY BLOG SUBMISSION on a REGULARLY DETERMINED DAY delivered to MamazinaMagazine@gmail.com (We will assign you a regular slot, once we receive your response)

AT LEAST ONE Submission per Mamazina Magazine: (Spring/Summer)(Fall/Winter). All submissions may not be printed, but WILL be included online.


Deadlines are: MARCH 30th (Spring/Summer. Publish Date end of April) & AUGUST 30th (Fall/Winter. Publish date end of September)


We archive all contributors, former and current on our staff page


3 Responses to “About”
  1. Are you the former Mom Writers Literary Magazine. I was published in an issue several years ago, and I am about to publish my first book. I wanted to share with Mom Writers Literary Magazine and thank you for the early recognition.

    • Joy Rose says:

      Susan – This is awesome! Can you tell us more…. We would LOVE to support you…! Perhaps we could feature you in an upcoming blog.

      • So sorry for the delay in responding back to you, but health issues have been a priority. As of this spring, Matriarch ~ A Journey Through Tradition has been published. The Press Release and additional information, including where to purchase, are available at http://www.MatriarchJourney.com. The book is a celebration of family, faith, and tradition, and represents an 18 year journey for myself in rediscovering being a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister …. a gardener, a painter, and a writer. I has been a rewarding journey which I am now pleased to share. Thank you.

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